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Being a pastor is a great privilege, but it is never easy.

Initial enthusiasm fades. Your grasp and use of biblical languages begins to rust. Pastoral situations throw up complex, difficult-to-solve challenges.

It is hard to get time to read beyond preparation for the next sermon. Instead of ministering from a rich theological hinterland, many feel the danger of running on empty.

In the midst of church life, it can take effort to grow and mature in your own faith and theology.

The Pastors’ Academy at London Seminary exists to bring advanced theological study and pastoral care to ministry life.

We offer options for serious study that can enrich your ministry. We can support you, helping you to stand stronger in the long term.

Latest Blog & Events

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What our students say

  • Thank you for another horizon-expanding and thought-provoking conference. The devotional atmosphere, brotherly fellowship and more make it time and money well spent.

  • A stimulating, intimate and profoundly enriching opportunity to learn.

  • Demanding but not bewildering; thorough but never bogged down in irrelevant details. A rich feast of stimulating theological reflection and pertinent practical application.

  • This is one place I would certainly recommend my fellow ministers of the gospel to go for their sabbatical. It was both spiritually and physically nourishing.

  • The THM course helped me grow as a disciplined reader and thinker. An elder in our church commented on the growing richness of my preaching